Create a biodiverse garden

Biodiverse garden

Your yard can have a significant impact on local biodiversity.

Layered, multispecies flora with a mix of trees, bushes and non-woody plants forms the base of a biodiverse yard.

Many natural plants, including ostrich and lady fern, lily of the valley, and scorpion grasses, will grow in the yard. Choose native Finnish plants, including mallow, burnet rose, or local varieties of apples. Avoid non-native species when planting, because they easily replace the original species. This is what has happened with the large-leaved lupine, rugosa rose, and the Himalayan balsam.

A small pond with a fountain will please the eyes of the residents and provide a place to live, drink or bathe for various organisms. Use a filter to clean the water and a fountain to add oxygen.

Managing one’s own yard is one of the simplest yet most effective ways for an individual to help maintain biodiversity.

The total surface area of private yards in Finland is 1,500 sq. km, which is more than than the area of the Pallas–Ounastunturi national park.

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